Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Power of the Puzzle

On our 3rd trip to Disney we started the puzzle tradition.  Each time we visit The Mouse, we bring along a Disney puzzle (or two).  The puzzle is placed on a desk or table or any place we have a little room.  We open it and walk away.  Then slowly, little by little, day by day, piece by piece, the puzzle comes together.  First the edges then the middle until our masterpiece is complete.  Okay, it’s a puzzle.  So, what is this “power” I speak of?

Sometimes a day full of Disney magic can end on a less than magical note.  After all, we go from 50 miles an hour to 0, from a huge park to a very cozy space we all share.   Family overload and boredom often get the better of the situation.  Let the games begin.
I don’t want to watch that TV show... I’m too excited to sleep... I didn’t mean to draw a picture over my entire right arm with markers, I was bored.
Okay, that last one is a long story. I will just say my daughter has mad drawing skills if she ever wants to be a tattoo artist.  But, this is where the puzzle comes in.  Still don’t get it?  Let me explain.

This past trip we were fortunate to have condo with a lovely dining room table.  My children scoffed “again?” as I unloaded the puzzle and opened the box.  Then they gave me that look only an embarrassed teen can master.

At the end of our first busy day at the parks, I grabbed a glass of wine and started working on the puzzle.  The kids watched TV for a bit, and I suspected I would be working on the puzzle alone this trip.  But then, curiosity crept in.  First, the 15 year old came over and took a look.  I offered him a seat and he started working on the top edge.  The 12 year old peered over his shoulder and took a seat on the other side.  Then hubby joined our merry crew.  We sat there working away and began to talk.
Do you have a piece that looks like this?... Oooh, I know where that goes!... Here is part of Dory...  That reminds me of the park today.
And so on.  We worked for about 20 minutes or so and then all decided to call it a night.
Each evening as we returned from the parks, some of us would work on the puzzle.  In fact we finished one (1000 pieces I might add), and then began another.  The best part was that everyone was still together, not arguing, not complaining, and just enjoying the puzzle and relaxing after a long and busy day.  THAT is the “power of the puzzle.”

So next time you take a trip to The Mouse.  If you find that time in the room is less than magical, try a puzzle.  Yes, Disney puts magic in those too.  And hopefully you will find a “piece” of family fun you never expected.

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