Monday, September 17, 2012

Rockin' Dry Erase Desk Frame

My latest craft project came out of necessity for keeping my sanity.  I am a working mom of two middle school kids.  Yes, it freaks me out to think they are in middle school.  And I am trying to be the mom that helps them stand on their own two feet and learn that I will not always be there to remind them of everything.  Heck, at the pace my memory is going, I'm lucky to remind myself of the things I have to do these days!

So when I came  across this idea on Pinterest, I was in love.  What a quick and easy way to make a "To Do" dry erase board each of them can keep on their desk!  Brilliant!   I would love to put the link for the original site, but I cannot find it.  So kuddos to whoever posted the inspiration for this originally.  

I found a simple black frame at the $1 store (glass center).  The rock n' roll ribbon was on sale at Michael's for $1.50.  The other ribbon I had in my craft supply, gotta love being able to use something already on hand!  And the notebook paper I stole out of my daughter's backpack.  Shhhh, don't tell!

After cutting and inserting the notebook paper into the frame, I attached the checker ribbon around the top and bottom of the frame with a glue gun.  Next came the rock n' roll ribbon which I tied in a bow, cut off the excess and glued to the corner with the hot glue gun.  Voila, that really was it!  $2.50 and now my daughter has a fashionable dry erase "To Do" board.  Now the trick will be getting her to use it!

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